Bashas' Associates Federal Credit Union offers great automobile loans.

Our Automobile Loans offer a smart way to obtain money at competitive rates. Please contact us to discuss loan options. *Rates quoted are for Isaac Score 720 and up - your rate will be determined by your Isaac Score.

New Auto Terms APR**
0-36 Months 1.99%
37 to 48 Months 2.79%
49 to 60 Months 3.49%
61 to 72 Months 4.19%
73 to 84 Months min $15,000 4.89%

(2013 AND Newer,not previously titled or under 15,000 miles, considered new)

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Used Auto Terms APR**
0-36 Months --(2004 --max 36 Months)  2.49%
37 to 48 Months  --max term on model years 2005-2009   3.19%
49 to 60 Months -- max term on Model years 2010 -2012 3.89%
61 to 72 Months -- max term on Model years 2012 and newer 4.59%
73-84 Months -- max term on Model years 2013 and newer --Min. amount $15,000  5.29%

No salvaged or restored vehicles.

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**APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is determined by Risk Based Lending Rate. This means your rate starts at the percentages given but can increase due to your credit profile and other underwriting factors (based on your credit report), which is reported by the Credit Bureau Agencies. please contact our loan department for Loan to Value and term limits.

Note: Applications received from non-members cannot be processed. Please contact the credit union for eligibility requirements.

Income verification is required upon approval of your loan request. Other information may also be required. Rates are subject to change without notice.


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